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Tampered Evidence

God created a universe full of evidence reflective of the perfection and fairness of His character. He created intelligent beings with minds and hearts similar to His own in many respects, designed to live and thrive on love, to accept blessings in order that they could pass them on to all around them. Living in harmony with the great design that reflected the very essence of God Himself, everything in creation functioned perfectly, harmoniously and with great joy until one of the created beings, one with the greatest intelligence and capacity of all, chose to begin tampering with the evidence.
Lucifer, the light-bearer, the one created being commissioned to be the most trusted representative of God to all other created beings, began to entertain ideas foreign to what God had created him to use. He began to harbor pride and desires to be the recipient and focus of worship that only God deserved. The longer he allowed these false ideas to linger in his heart the more he found himself ex…