I Am Gloves

I am a glove. No, I am two gloves, both a left and a right. I was designed by God to be this way as He made my brain and body to have two unique and somewhat distinct differences between my left and my right. And while most of my body is quite similar and mostly balanced between my left and right sides, my right brain and my heart and very closely linked together in much more intimate ways than even scientists yet understand very well.

My left brain that controls the right side of my body is primarily the intellectual part of me, the logical thinking, formula-addicted, information-oriented side of my being. But it is still in reality quite powerless to produce the kind of life that will make me acceptable to live in paradise with perfect people, angels and the presence of God. No matter how hard I try to achieve holiness, righteousness and perfection using my knowledge and craming my head full of truthful information and trying to control my actions and thoughts with all of these resources, my left brain is still in actuality only an empty glove that just appears to have fingers and a thumb and a palm. But it is in fact not much more than a mirage when it comes to being able to live the kind of existence needed to interact with life-filled hands that live in the reality and presence of God and in heaven with other real beings.

Likewise, my right brain that controls the left side of my body and has the advantage of also being intimately linked with one of the most important organs of that body, my heart, is still really nothing more than a glove in need of a true hand to enter inside of it and bring it to the kind of living that will prepare me for heaven. My right brain has been designed to be the main control center of my person especially when I am under great stress or during intense emotions. And while this part of my being has been largely marginalized most of my life and seriously under-trained, it too is in desperate need of a powerful hand outside of myself to enter into it and bring it under its control and produce the kind of energy that will empower my being to live in the image of the God that created it.

Just as importantly I need to have both my left glove and my right glove equally controlled and filled with the hands that created them originally. Of course there are always many other hands eager and ready and even pressuring me to jump inside of my gloves and manipulate me. And to complicate things I have been left with the legacy of a fallen nature, a now inherently evil part of my being called “the flesh” that is always promising me that it is quite capable of achieving acceptable manipulation of my gloves without much outside interference. And living as a typical “Christian” all of my life I have been led to believe that I can somehow get my gloves to do all the things hands are supposed to be able to do if I just get enough “help” and power from God and learn all the lessons myself so I can then live a perfect life like the ones that real hands live.

But when seen from this perspective I now can see how absurd that kind of logic can be. How ridiculous to think for a moment that a pair of gloves could ever achieve life or perform loving actions like real hands without having actual hands inside of them to do what hands were designed to do. No matter how convincingly designed a glove may become to look exactly like a real hand, it is still only a glove without life and warmth and needed energy to live life like real hands are supposed to do. It is simply a fact of reality that no matter how much I want to be and act like a set of real hands and no matter how hard I try to appear that way by working on what my gloves look like, there is absolutely no chance that my life, my set of gloves will ever even begin to get close to being capable or acceptable to live in a world where all hands and all gloves live in reality and interact with each other in the ways of real love and selfless service.

Father, how silly and stupid of me to ever think that I as a glove can ever become ready to go to heaven and live with You without giving You full access to have Your hands, both hands, inside of my mind and heart at all times. Not only have I tried to live righteously by my own efforts with outside help from You, I have also been hopelessly infected with lies about You in the very fabric of my gloves and have many times been manipulated by other hands that do not have the same spirit that comes from Your heart.

Today I give You full permission to fill me with the hands of Jesus, to fill me with the mind of Jesus, to train me to let go of the stiff resistance that my gloves put up to You when You try to move them from the inside. Please wash my gloves and cleanse them of all the ideas and secret beliefs that cause resistance to Your ways and to Your lavish love both for me and through me. Remove all the lies that stiffen and fight against You and keep me from being totally pliable. Make both of my gloves soft and free as they relax to conform perfectly to the contour of Your perfect and beautiful hands. And then move Your hands inside of my gloves to do anything You want to do in this world today for Your reputation's sake and for Your glory alone.


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