Ohm's Spiritual Law

I recently began thinking again about how the laws of electricity parallel so closely to some of the principles of God's spiritual realities. I have thought about this for years and many things have opened up to me as a result of realizing that God has incorporated His spiritual laws right into the physical world in which we live. The more a person comes closer to seeing God properly the more clearly the counterpart reflective principles in nature reveal insights into unavoidable spiritual principles.

One of the most astounding breakthroughs I have ever had in this area was when God took me quite intently on a two-year journey through the Bible pointing out more and more insights to me about the real truth about hell. I finally dedicated a whole web site to that subject but the underlying principles just keep coming up and revealing more and more things in this area. Finally a couple days ago I decided to go to the internet and refresh my knowledge about the formulas and laws that govern electrical current, resistance, heat and power flow. I learned about this many years ago in trade school when I went through basic electronics training but I can't recall most of the details anymore. I just remember the general principles and the overall concepts.

As I read through several web sites and remembered some of what I used to know, I was suddenly taken back by some very surprising revelations due to my new perspective and spiritual insights of the past few years. Reading this material with the conscious intent of perceiving spiritual parallels something really grabbed my attention and at first confused me. But as I thought about it for a few moments and asked God what it might mean He spoke to my heart and gave me another important piece of the puzzle I had never seen before.

Let me start with the basics, at least for the part that I am here interested in. It is called Ohm's Law and is quite familiar to most anyone who works with electricity of any kind. It is stated this way with abbreviations.

Ohm's Law : V = IR

Profound huh? O.K. I do have to explain it and unpack it and try to make sense of it for those who are not familiar with basic electrical theory. Here is what the letters mean.

V in this formula stands for Voltage. That's simple enough right?
R stands for Resistance. That too is pretty straightforward. So far so good. But now comes the spinner.
I stands for, uh, Current. I know, that doesn't really make sense to me either, but that's what whoever put this together decided to use even though it doesn't start with the same letter. I used to know why they used the letter I but now I can't remember why. But that is not important for what I am referring to now.

Anyway, what this formula basically says is that if you want to know how much voltage is in a circuit or wire you multiply the current times the resistance and you will know the voltage. According to the laws of equations you can rearrange the letters to find an unknown as long as you have the numbers for the other two. Most people know how to do all of that in math and again that is not so important as the spiritual applications that can be discerned when looking closer.

Actually, I think it will be easier to just quote some of the material I found and then go on from there.

Voltage can be thought of as the pressure pushing charges along a conductor, while the electrical resistance of a conductor is a measure of how difficult it is to push the charges along. Using the flow analogy, electrical resistance is similar to friction. For water flowing through a pipe, a long narrow pipe provides more resistance to the flow than does a short fat pipe. The same applies for flowing currents: long thin wires provide more resistance than do short thick wires.
The resistance (R) of a material depends on its length, cross-sectional area, and the resistivity (the Greek letter rho), a number that depends on the material:
Resistance is measured in ohms Ω
The resistivity and conductivity are inversely related. Good conductors have low resistivity, while poor conductors (insulators) have resistivities that can be 20 orders of magnitude larger.
Resistance also depends on temperature, usually increasing as the temperature increases. For reasonably small changes in temperature, the change in resistivity, and therefore the change in resistance, is proportional to the temperature change.
At low temperatures some materials, known as superconductors, have no resistance at all. Resistance in wires produces a loss of energy (usually in the form of heat), so materials with no resistance produce no energy loss when currents pass through them.
(this can be found at http://physics.bu.edu/~duffy/py106/Resistance.html)

So, what does this have to do with spiritual realities?

Well, I started out trying to find formulas for how a resistor in a circuit would fail when it encounters too much current. But so far I have not found that in a simple explanation. But the fundamental principle that governs that potential is right here in Ohm's Law. Whenever the voltage or current becomes too high the resistance becomes overwhelmed and the resistor, whether it is a component or is a wire, will begin to get overheated and will either melt down or burst into flame and self-destruct. Either way there will be catastrophic failure and the resistance part of the circuit will no longer be in tact.

That principle applies the very same in spiritual realities as I have discovered over the past few years. God has been forced to reduce the current/voltage exposure in our spiritual equation in order to prevent all of us from being destroyed by catastrophic failure due to overexposure of our resistance to His love.

But there was something in the above quote that made me stop and wonder. What about this business of conductors working better when they are chilled? How does that fit into the spiritual reality?

We are ourselves the conductors that God wants to utilize to channel His love, grace and truth into the lives of others around us. When we have resistance to receiving or passing along the things God wants to channel through us it creates blocks, weaknesses and problems that distort both our own relationship with God and our effectiveness in ministry to others. Current flow running into resistance produces friction and heat. When we put up more resistance we induce more heat, more problems, stress, etc. Likewise when we are exposed to more of God's presence while retaining resistance to Him the heat also intensifies.

But again, how does this chill effect fit in? How does that apply to reducing the resistance in my life? How do I allow God to reduce the temperature in my life so I can be a better conductor? And how do I get rid of my resistance? It seems awfully difficult to just decide to quit resisting simply by choosing. Most of my resistance is deep in the heart where my powers of choice have very little access or control.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I read about this cold effect on resistance is that if one gets colder they are getting closer and closer to dying. We tend to associate warmth with life and if a person gets too cold they will die. So how would dying lower my resistance to God's love if I am no longer alive to even accept it? How does that makes sense?

And then it hit me instantly – Jesus' own words.
For whoever wishes to save his life will lose it; but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. (Matthew 16:25)
Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. (John 12:24)

It is not until I am willing to die that I can truly get rid of my resistance to God. It is my resistance that prevents me from wanting to die completely and it is my failure to fully die that allows resistance to remain in my life, both blocking the free flow of God's power and passion through me as well as creating excessive heat causing all sorts of problems in my life like stress, anxiety, fear, conflict and relationship problems. Once I die I will find myself free of resistance for dead men don't resist.

Dying to self and surrendering to be 'frozen', far from eliminating the possibility of being used by God as my logical mind would reason, actually is the prerequisite for becoming a superconductor for heaven. It is only those who become willing to 'freeze to death' (using the electrical analogy) that can become part of the victorious system being assemble by God to reveal His full glory to all the universe.

What an insight from the principles of science and physics. I know there are many more where this came from, but I am grateful – and challenged as the Spirit confronts me with this stern reality. I have to be willing each day to die to self, to have my own cravings and preferences frozen and discarded so that God can integrate me into His supercomputer and fit me to be part of His glorious demonstration of love and passion that will be exhibited through the body of His Son He is assembling together on this earth.


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