Jesus' New Order

Jesus absorbed every single human being into Himself on the cross to create a new race of creatures in His image. After the humans did everything they could think of to torment and tempt Him to become angry, resentful and ungodly, the demons continued the attack unseen inside of Him and God allowed the history of every human being who ever or would ever live to pass into Jesus the consequences of all their sins. Thus Jesus took into Himself the full brunt of all the sins of the world and experienced the wages of sin. He absorbed the full emotional pain that each of us feels at a microscopic level even though just our own can overwhelm us.

This is why it required no less than God Himself to be able to accomplish such a feat. For an angel or any created being could never have the capacity of forgiveness and love and compassion to finish absorbing such an enormous debt without cracking under the strain and throwing in the towel. Only God Himself had a large enough capacity and the intensity of passion sufficient to absorb such a load of sin without falling victim to the temptation to retaliate, to respond in kind.

This is the true message of the cross that must become the center of our presentations of the gospel. This is the good news of salvation, that God is for us even though sin and the world is all about to destroy us. This is the mighty truth that must uproot the errors that abound everywhere about what supposedly happened at the cross. This is the glory that must fill the whole earth with its light so that the final end of sin and suffering can finally come. This is the glorious revelation of truth that we must learn to rest in, reflecting the peace of God in our souls that dispels all offenses and glows with the same passionate love that flowed from the person of Jesus Christ.

This message must not be mingled with common fire and false doctrines of demons about the cross. This is the holy fire that must remain pure to accomplish its work in the earth. Jesus came to bring a fire to the earth He said, and this passion of God is that fire. It consumes all the lies that Satan has been successfully been spreading about God, which is why Satan is terrified we will catch hold of this fire. His influence is annihilated every time anyone believes this truth about God and allows it to enter into their innermost being and light their own soul on fire for God.

This message must not be diluted by the counterfeit message focused on legal solutions. And while it is true that God has many times used legal language to try to reach our darkened hearts, in these last days people must get beyond that childish framework of arbitrary rewards and punishments and see the transformational power in the true gospel of the cross in its purity.

I believe this is the pure gospel message that will release the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and fill us with the the bold passion of God like we have never imagined before. Until we get our heads straight on the real truth about the cross our message will be diluted, amalgamated with false concepts of God that paint Him still in dark hues and prevents the Holy Spirit from endorsing our messages to the lost. So long as we continue to cling to mixed messages about God's love for us in false teachings about the cross, we cannot hope for the undiluted power of the Holy Spirit to bless our efforts. God wants only His holy fire to burn in our hearts, and the misrepresentations of God commonly promoted in the legal models that we so often use, portray reasons for the cross that distort the real gospel and diffuse the enormous power we should be experiencing in our lives and our witness.

The clearer we become in our minds in understanding this truth of a new race in Christ Jesus the better success we will have in drawing others into embracing this experience in their own lives. Jesus created a race of salvaged humanity by absorbing all of the consequences of their sinful lives into Himself on the cross. This was not a legal issue of punishment that had to be satisfied so much as it was a practical requirement in order to transition the human race out of its fallen condition into a whole new reality to redeem them. The original human race was forever ruined by Adam's fall, but because of God's passionate love for us He had a plan whereby we were moved into another form of existence through the creation of this new kind of creature that Jesus produced in His humanity. The only requirement for any human being to experience this new state of existence more fully is to believe that it is true and to give God permission to be in charge of their heart. Because every intelligent being in the universe is endowed with the kingly power of personal choice, God will not force anyone to accept this new creation experience. But Jesus took on the sins of the whole world anyway to remove all excuses from every person for remaining in the old order of existence.

It is totally up to each person to choose whether they will accept the truth of Jesus absorbing all the consequences of their own sins and the sins of everyone around them that affects them. By choosing to believe that Jesus takes full responsibility for every person's sins and thus becoming the lightening rod for all the consequences of every sin, each person then can begin to experience the reality of what it means to be a new creature 'in Christ'. This theme of being 'in Christ' is repeated all throughout the New Testament and even shows up the the prophecies of the Old where God speaks of implanting a new heart and a new spirit in all those who let Him.

We are not to receive a new heart and spirit so that we can be empowered to achieve holiness and produce righteousness to save us from a legal dilemma with God. Rather, this new spirit and heart is what God is waiting for every person to receive from Him in order to empower them to function fully as the new creature after the order of what Jesus created in His own humanity. This is the preparation necessary to allow us to live in the holy presence of God's fire without being consumed.

In addition, the demonstration of this experience is also necessary to satisfy the minds of intelligent beings throughout the universe as related to the great rebellion. This transformation needs to be seen to convince other unfallen worlds and angels to view humans as safe enough to be integrated into the society of heaven. In humanity's fallen state, all heaven knew that sin would spread contagiously if humans were allowed out of quarantine into their pure and innocent atmosphere. But by absorbing into Himself all the contagion of sin while not allowing it to be reproduced in His own spirit, as it has in every other human, Jesus created a 'new human race', a new creature that would be available for every fallen human being to experience who chose to believe in His accomplishment for them. This new race of humans is a combination of human and divine, different than the original creation of humans.

  • To believe in Jesus means to rest in the truth of this reality provided for us at the cross.
  • To believe in Jesus means to enter into His rest that can bring perfect peace in all circumstances.
  • To believe in Jesus means to believe the truth about what He came to reveal about God.
  • To believe in Jesus means to see God as totally trustworthy instead of living by the principles of the Tree of Good and Evil.
  • To believe in Jesus means to cease striving to earn God's trust, choosing to believe that He has never held our offenses against us to start with. It means that we come to realize that in not trusting Him the problem is with our own hearts that need changing, not His attitude towards us.
  • To believe in Jesus means to reject the lies about God that have infected all of our thinking through our fallen natures and see that these lies are what make us afraid and suspicious of Him.
  • To believe in Jesus means to choose each day, each moment to allow His Spirit to guide us; to learn to listen to His Spirit's promptings. Then in appreciation for Jesus absorbing all our suffering and pain resulting from our sin, to then reflect His mindset in all our dealings with each other.
  • To believe in Jesus is to believe with both our mind and our heart that we are new creatures in Christ Jesus, part of this new order. And in the believing of this truth its reality and power becomes unleashed in our lives and increasingly is evidenced in our outward experience. But we must never reverse that sequence or we will reintroduce the curse of backwards thinking that for so long has undermined the power of the gospel.
  • To believe in Jesus is to allow His mind as described in Philippians 2, to be in us and to permeate all of our thinking, our relationships and our logic. This is a progressive experience but is the growing process we may have by continuing to embrace our new reality of being in Christ Jesus.

To be 'in Christ' means to believe and know that Jesus absorbed us totally into Himself at the cross. Thus, whenever we are tempted to take ownership of our own pain produced by our sins we must turn and confess not only our sin to Him and embrace His gift of repentance, but we must also give Him permission to keep the consequences of that sin that He has already experienced for us rather than allowing our sins to keep torturing us. This contradicts much of what we are used to thinking and what is common in religion.

To be 'in Christ' means to believe that Jesus also absorbed all the consequences of sin for every other human being. This means that when anyone sins against us in any way that we must remember that Jesus Himself has taken full responsibility for them as well since He absorbed their sins too. Thus, when we are tempted to take offense against someone who sins against us we will realize that we are really taking offense at Jesus.

It is an extremely sobering realization to be confronted with the fact that Jesus claims the right of ownership over the consequences of the sins of everyone who has offended us as well as our own sins. This removes all basis for accusation, blame or seeking retribution against anyone who has sinned against us. If we want to make a case about someone's offense against us we have to first take it up with Jesus who died for that sin because He absorbed their sins as well as ours. Now we begin to realize that our desires for revenge are really directed toward Jesus as well as the one who offended us.

This is where the gospel begins to cut like a sword and can offend us deeply. When we realize the truth that we no longer have any basis for taking offense against anyone because of what Jesus did on the cross, we then find ourselves in a great dilemma and may experience embarrassment when we begin to grasp that all of our pandering for revenge or so-called 'justice' against those who have offended us has already been absorbed by Jesus as their substitute. For Jesus really did substitute Himself in the place of every human being in the fallen race, absorbing them into Himself and taking on full responsibility for each one so that there would be no legitimate grounds for anyone to ever take offense again.

Do not speak against one another, brethren. He who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks against the law and judges the law; but if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge of it. There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; but who are you who judge your neighbor? (James 4:11-12)

When we begin to see this disturbing truth in the light of heaven's perspective, our own guilt in taking offense at anyone begins to emerge in its true ugliness. Jesus stated explicitly that whatever we do to anyone, no matter how 'least' they may appear in our eyes, we are doing it personally to Him. In saying this He is speaking from the position of viewing every person as being 'in Christ', whether they have accepted their 'saved' position or at some point reject it and are finally lost. From our perspective there can be no difference in the way we treat others in the area of offenses, dependent on whether they are saved or lost, for in heaven's eyes all humanity has been absorbed into Christ on the cross whether they ever embrace that reality or not.

When we begin to take hold of this truth of the gospel in its clarity with its implications, all of our doctrines may necessarily need to be reexamined to see how they integrate into this core reality. The Sabbath truth will be seen as the rest in the joy experienced when one embraces the truth of being 'in Christ' rather than the great works trip that we have turned it into. The Sabbath, far from being the ultimate test of how righteous we have made ourselves and how loyal we can prove to be in the end times, will instead become a signature act of celebration in the lives of all who have embraced the truth of resting in Jesus' finished work at the cross all the time. And what is that finished work? It was the absorbing of all humanity – each individual person with all their sins, their pain, their guilt, shame, fear – in short, all the torture that sin produces in the life and heart of a person. This is what Jesus experienced on the cross and what took His life, not the nails or the whippings or the any other physical aspect of that event.

There is nothing we can do to add to the absorption of our sins into Jesus at the cross. To entertain any notion that we can help God save us is the ultimate blasphemy. How ridiculous to imagine that we can somehow add any righteousness in our own lives to somehow impress God that we deserve some merit. Our mistake has too long been in thinking that we live in a punishment/reward system with God rather than the breakdown of trust in Him that endangers our very existence. Our danger does not come from an angry God waiting to punish those violating His arbitrary rules; rather our danger comes from someday being exposed to a love so intense that anyone resisting it will experience feelings of such intense guilt and condemnation emanating from their own misconceptions of His passion that their self torture will ultimately destroy them in His presence.

We have long been afraid of the wrong thing. We have too often thought that it is God we should be afraid of while in reality it is living in resistance to His love (the true definition of sin) that is the greatest threat to our existence. Death is the wages of sin, not an imposition of God.

In reality death is not something that exists to start with anyway. It is like many other words that we use to describe the absence of something real.

Darkness is the absence of light, not something in and of itself.
Cold is the absence of heat, not something tangible of itself.
Evil is the absence of the goodness of God, not an identifiable element of its own.
In the same way death is simply the absence of life, not something in and of itself. And not even the sleep that we call death here on earth is really the death that sin produces in those who reject the life of God.

On the cross Jesus was the first to ever experience the kind of death that God spoke of to Adam and Eve when He warned them about the wages of sin. When our parents sinned Jesus instantly began the absorbing of the consequences and also granted them eternal life at the same time in exchange. The very fact that they – and we – remained alive was living proof of God's plan of salvation already at work. By absorbing the wages of the sins of every human being into His soul and suffering both the death of the body and the eternal kind of death that the lost will at last experience, Jesus diffused the power of death to continue to intimidate us. By encountering death and facing down all the fear that it has wielded since sin began, the very Source of life Himself overcame the power of death by showing that God cannot be intimidated by it to react like sinners. He refused to ever take any offense or to rebel. He rested in His Father's care and love just as He invites us to rest in His care and love.

The story of the debtor in Matthew 18 reveals that the torture of sin follows the choice to not let go of offenses. It is offenses that constitute the enormous debt that we all owe and it is offenses that largely make up the currency of this fallen planet. Even our national monetary system is completely based on debt. At the end of this story Jesus reveals that when we choose to continue to deal in the currency of debt and offenses when it has been made clear to us that God is not playing that game with us, the torture we will experience comes not from God but from the presence of the offenses themselves that we are holding in our own hearts. This is why Jesus made the sobering statement in the last verse that torture is what all will experience who do not choose to forgive others from the heart.

The king in this story absorbed the full debt that this slave owed to Him and released Him from all responsibility to repay it. That debt was never reinstated by the king, but because the slave himself refused to move into the reality of the forgiveness announced to him, he entered into the torture that all experience who choose to live outside of Christ and insist that the old order of humans is where they prefer to remain.

For if we go on sinning willfully after receiving the knowledge of the truth, there no longer remains a sacrifice for sins, but a terrifying expectation of judgment and THE FURY OF A FIRE WHICH WILL CONSUME THE ADVERSARIES. (Hebrews 10:26-27)

The only alternative to living in the glorious grace of constant forgiveness is the life of fear, foreboding and condemnation. There is no other alternative. Each one of us has to choose which belief system we will live under; which view of humanness we will choose to believe is our own. The results of what we choose to believe will determine our eternal destiny so it is vitally important that we understand the issues and options we have before us and not just rely on a church or a teacher or preacher to tell us what to do.

"Now then," Joshua continued, "honor the LORD and serve him sincerely and faithfully. Get rid of the gods which your ancestors used to worship in Mesopotamia and in Egypt, and serve only the LORD. If you are not willing to serve him, decide today whom you will serve, the gods your ancestors worshiped in Mesopotamia or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are now living. As for my family and me, we will serve the LORD." (Joshua 24:14-15 GNB)

Explore the verses speaking of sons of God. In Job the sons of God are the representatives of the worlds. Adam has died so Satan takes his place. Adam is listed as the son of God in Luke 3. Now we can see why Jesus called Himself both the son of man and the Son of God. It is more than just emphasizing His divinity but maybe even more so to emphasize that fact that He is replacing Adam as the representative of this world. That is why He became human – to both absorb the human race into Himself and to be qualified to be fully identified with them to be their rightful representative in the councils of heaven.

Research why it is so important why this Jesus human remains alive forever. We don't want another transition of representation like what we suffered through the first time.


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