DVA Testing

Science has come a very long ways in recent years in the study of DNA and has developed tests by which all sorts of things can now be accurately identified using DNA testing. Amazingly even very old tissue from bones or hair can be DNA tested and compared with descendants generations later to determine if they are related to people living today. But have you ever considered that there might be a way to test spiritual fruit to determine if it came from the Tree of Life or the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?

I am starting to sense that very possibly God may want us to test DNA of current fruit to identify which Tree it descended from. And one way that occurred to me that we might test ideas is by asking two simple questions: Is it life-giving only? Or does it operate on the dualism principle of Good and Evil?

You can argue all you want in favor of the dualistic system and convince yourself or others that it is of heavenly origin. But there is only one representative Tree that stands for heaven's system and it does not contain more than one description – Life. When we discover the DNA of dualism in any concept or teaching, then very likely that kind of thinking can be traced right back to its earthly origin of the infection this earth received when our first parents partook of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

It is no coincidence that God repeatedly emphasized during creation week the organic principle of everything reproducing after its own kind. But what we may have overlooked is that this principle is not just to be understood in the physical world but operates just as strongly in the spiritual realm. The way to identify a source is to compare the DNA of the existing fruit to the original stock. If we took seriously the information provided for us in the book of Genesis we might be much farther along in our understanding and awareness of the deceptions of Satan.

Since I have had a growing awareness of this principle of dualism that comes from the forbidden tree in the garden, many things have come into much clearer light as a result. I have noticed the DNA pattern from that tree showing up in many religious assumptions that have long gone unchallenged. It shows up in many of my own natural reactions to situations or people, for the DNA of selfishness and sin operates within all of us. Fear of punishment and insistence on rewards is all directly linkable to the philosophy infused into humanity through the DNA of that tree. What is much more difficult to grasp is how to discern truth that will always contain the DNA of the Tree of Life. For we are so used to making our determinations based on false assumptions that we fail to see how many of our beliefs are infected with the contamination of GMBs – Genetically Modified Beliefs.

I want to think about this more. But for now I will just leave you with a tangential question to ponder.

What was so important about the difference between God's holy fire that was to be used in all the services of the ancient sanctuary and ordinary 'strange fire' that would bring a deadly curse upon anyone trying to introduce it for use in holy functions?


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