The Great Disconnect

A thought occurred to me this morning along the lines of the heart and the head. It seems obvious that since the devil and all his angels have lost their ability to repent because of their completely hardened hearts, they no longer have the capacity to understand or comprehend the transformation that God accomplishes in the hearts of sinners. That is exactly why they always stand in amazement at such transformations even though they extremely resent them at the same time.

And very possibly one of the main reasons they resent them so much is because it is no longer possible for themselves. So in their resentment and inability to wrap their ruined brains around such inner activities all that they have left at their disposal in relationship to this arena of life is to do everything possible to ruin or prevent what God is doing in people's hearts.

Jesus said that the devil only comes to steal, kill and destroy. Since he no longer has any ability to respond to grace or love with his own heart, his sole purpose to to damage our hearts as much as possible in order to hurt the heart of the one who loves us supremely. His hatred for God's government based solely on love is so total and intense that his first and primary desire is to hurt God in the deepest way possible. The easiest way to do that is to damage the hearts and lives of everyone God is drawing to Himself and to as much as possible cause them to believe lies about the One who loves them the most.

Thus he has spent centuries blanketing the world with layer upon layer of lies about what God is like and how He feels about us in order to cause our hearts to recoil and turn away from Him believing these distorted perceptions of our real Father. Since Satan is fully committed to his rebellion and to his desire to hurt and destroy everything possible that is associated with God and His plans of love, he has invented everything he can think of to cause us to disconnect our own hearts from our intellects and from the hearts of others, especially that of God Himself.

Therefore, it would only be logical that the very opposite would be seen in the life and ministry of the Son of God who was sent to destroy the works of the enemy. Jesus came to undo the works of Satan, to unmask all of his deceptions and to reveal the real truth about God that has been buried for so long under the myriads of lies created by Satan. We have not yet come close to understanding this work of Jesus because most of us are still stuck with our minds and hearts mostly disconnected from each other. Therefore we still think more along the logic of Satan than we do along the lines of true love and godliness.

Some people have asserted that what happened in the Garden of Eden when sin entered was that our hearts and our heads became de-synchronized or separated to a great extent. I believe that this is what happened to Satan himself and to all who followed him into sin before humanity got caught up in this trap. Most of the problems with religion today is due to the fact that most people are trying to figure out truth with only half their brain, either their intellects or their emotions but without really engaging the heart.

What I believe God is doing is seeking to draw our attention, or more accurately our hearts, back into a right relationship with both our intellects and into proper relationship to His heart through the work of the Holy Spirit. From that point of view it can be seen more clearly why it can be that some who have never even heard of Jesus may still actually be Christians in God's eyes. It is because they are living in response to the promptings of the Spirit working on their heart much more readily than many professed Christians who know much more information about God but who fail to live from their hearts.


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