Burst of Light

I have been probing for many years to understand better the confusing mystery and sort through all the false ideas about what really happened and why Jesus died on the cross. I am very familiar with most of the stock cliché's going around in religion about this and have very little use for most of them. They sound pious enough and can often be apparently supported with elaborate arguments and scripture references to tie their assumptions together. But all of them are generally based on very confusing or dark and false ideas about what God is like that I simply find totally unacceptable anymore.

But in spite of years of revising my mental picture of what God is really like and updating most of my religious internal library along those lines, the cross of Jesus has still remained very vague and confusing to me. Since I have completely rejected the notion of the cross being an appeasement for an angry God, pitting Jesus and the Father against each other, I have been left to keep groping around for better light on this subject.

In the past few days, for whatever reasons which I cannot explain yet, much of this seems to be suddenly falling into place. I have been discussing with one or two people who are open to wanting to learn more about this themselves and have been examining many clues and writing down what is emerging. It is a very exciting and compelling picture of what was really going on there. What I am seeing is radically different than what most all churches teach, but that does not surprise me in the least. What I have really been seeking is to discover how God views all of this and what His perspective is, because I know that will be much more congruent with His true character and will be consistent with everything else I have been learning about Him over the past few years than any other explanation.

I have not yet collected all my thoughts on this in enough of an organized way to be able to present it clearly for a skeptical mind. But I have been sharing it with a few who are willing to listen and dialogue with me about it, those who are hungry to know the real truth about God as I am. That has been encouraging for me and I am still open to allowing the Spirit to continue to teach me much more about this or correct my thinking if I am off base.


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