Investing Talents

Then you ought to have put my money in the bank, and on my arrival I would have received my money back with interest. (Matthew 25:27)

Options for use of the money:

Ask for a loan for the same amount as the money you have using the money itself as collateral. Then take the double amount and buy something that has good promise of increase.

Give the money to a loan company so that they have money to loan others and owe you some of the interest.

Doing nothing with the money but protect it.

Spend the money on yourself with little thought of the consequences.

Look for some project that needs investment money, study that project for its viability and the integrity of the people involved and then invest in a high return idea. This implies that the higher the return potential that the risk is equally higher of losing your investment.

Look for very safe investments that typically have lower returns than the high risk investments that may leave you hanging out to dry.

Leverage your money using option one but do it repeatedly so that you end up with very high amounts of borrowed money to invest in much larger projects with very high risks and return potentials.

The high risk options to be reasonably successful require discernment, wisdom and careful analysis and planning to have a reasonable promise of return. How much are you willing to use your own brain, intuition and facing down of your fears to invest in something that has little guarantees?

How does this apply to me in practical, explainable ways?
What is the spiritual application of this for me?
How does this fit in with leaving everything in God's hands including all plans?
How much does skill and experience factor into this?
What about humility and connection with God?
Is sharing my experience and ideas about spiritual life and God a way of investing in the spiritual growth of other people?
Is that a legitimate investment?
Is the way I am doing it producing healthy returns or am I too self-centered in my witness?
How are my investments in others helping them to focus on God more than on me or on doctrines?
Is the selfishness content of my testimony a factor that determines whether I am a high risk investment for God or a lower return investment?
God is doing the same thing by investing in me that He wants me to do in others.
What is the real object or goal of a valid investment?
What do the returns look like? In the story it was cash or money. But what did Jesus really have in mind?
If I invest time am I expecting to get more time in return?
If I invest love am I trying to produce fruit of love from others in return?
How do I know if I am getting good returns on my investments if I don't have some idea of what those returns are really supposed to be or look like?
Likewise, how can I make investments if I don't even know what it is I have that can be invested?
What is involved in careless investing?
Who determines that criteria?
High-risk investments are almost always considered a bad idea by the majority of people. So if one decides to invest in a high-risk project or person they should expect to be out of sync with the common wisdom of those around them.
What is the difference between investing and just spending money – spiritually?


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