Divine Traffic Controller

In my dreams as I was awakening this morning my mind was trying to sort out some kind of formula or something to do with how people functioned very early in the history of this world before becoming deeply masked by the darkness of pervasive deception. I don't know why my brain was working on this idea but it was. I was analyzing how intuition works and how intelligence might operate in its simplest yet most efficient form. Of course I can't remember most of the details of the dream now but I remember pondering the difficulty of trying to transfer musical information from one person to another. When the need for musical notation came up I immediately realized that this was the introduction of the concept of a code that would inevitably be foreign to anyone who was not initiated into that language. I sensed that there must have been a much more effective way of conveying this information that likely may now be largely lost to us at this point in history.

I also began to sense that it is quite likely that part of the original human makeup, embedded in our very psyche, are some sort of receptors designed to receive continuous information from the Spirit of God, not only in spiritual matters but affecting every area of our existence. I am coming to believe that the world as God originally intended it was coordinated by these promptings of the Holy Spirit in every person's life even down to such mundane practicalities as how they could avoid collisions when traveling or other everyday problems. In it place we now manufacture untold numbers of laws in our attempts to regulate daily life. In the absence of people's awareness of the communications of the Spirit we now have become totally dependent on artificial rules, regulations, legal enactments and the whole gamut of counterfeit external controls that we assume is the way heaven operates.

It is true that there are underlying principles that govern all creation that we label as 'natural laws', but these principles are of a very different nature than the arbitrary rules that we try to impose artificially to keep our society functioning somewhat smoothly. God's laws are simply descriptions of reality and of God's nature and how we were designed to live in harmony with those realities. To violate natural law is to go against the very design of the makeup of creation. One of the roles of the Holy Spirit as I am beginning to see it, is to communicate to each individual alerts in every detail of life when they are in danger of being out of harmony with natural law in order to guide them in the right ways so as to live in harmony with their surroundings.

Your ears will hear a word behind you, "This is the way, walk in it," whenever you turn to the right or to the left. (Isaiah 30:21) We have usually interpreted this in a spiritual sense only, but I suspect that the Spirit is interested in being involved in every area of our life. God wants to grow us in maturity, to train us to use our brains to think clearly and make good judgments. But He also wants to be involved and integrated into our thinking so thoroughly that there is almost no difference between our thoughts and God's thoughts when we have come to know Him as it is our privilege to know Him.

For the true Christian there really is little difference between what we often call the 'spiritual' aspect of our lives and the 'secular' part. We have far too long made artificial distinctions about this that I believe prevents us from giving God access to many areas of our daily experience and and that keeps us from knowing Him more intimately.

So why do so many find it difficult to perceive the voice of the Spirit in their life? Why does it seem so often that He is slacking on the job, that He is not speaking to many people to keep them out of harm or dysfunction?

I believe the answer is one that many don't want to hear but is true nonetheless. The Spirit of God has never quit doing His job anymore than God has changed in any other arena. The problem has never been on God's side of the issue but is on our end. God has not quit trying to lead people, even those who live in open rebellion and sin; the problem is that sin blinds us and dulls the internal receptors through which we are designed to perceive the constant stream of communication coming from heaven through the Spirit. As long as the enemy can keep us distracted with diversions that confuse our minds and excite our emotions and dull our senses we will not be able to discern accurately if at all, the nuanced messages always available to each one and meant to guide those who are the children of God.

The work of salvation is meant to retrain us to listen and discern ever more clearly the ever-present messages from God's Spirit and to learn again how to have our daily life coordinated to be in harmony with the principles of heaven and reality. We have religious terms for this process but unfortunately these words have accumulated so much baggage that obscures their original meaning that it is often easier to describe these things from a different perspective. Reality is actually more straightforward and simple in many respects than what we have made it out to be. The problem originates in our own confusion because of the deceptions that still cloud our thinking and confuse our picture of reality.

I have noticed that there are people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world that are seeking to be more aware of the voice of the Spirit of God who is ever communicating to anyone willing to listen. I had a dear friend who hated Jesus because of severe past abuses committed against her during childhood in the name of Jesus, but who was very attuned to the true Spirit of God and had no problem loving God. Many Christians would condemn such a person on the technicality that they did not align with the doctrine that 'only through Jesus' can anyone be saved. Yet the spirit demonstrated in the life of this person who had been turned off to Jesus by fanatical parents was far more in harmony with heaven' spirit than the spirit I perceive in many Christians I know including my own. I have little doubt that God, who looks at the heart rather than outward appearances, will bring this dear friend up in the first resurrection with the righteous, and when they meet Jesus personally they will instantly recognize the Spirit of the one they had already been listening and responding to all along. While they may have lived in confusion about the identity of the Spirit they were obeying, God will save all who listen to the guidance and drawing of His Spirit no matter what their external life may appear like to others.

The question sometimes is raised about how traffic might be controlled in the New Jerusalem after the saints arrive in heaven. For instance, when people travel down the streets of gold and come to an intersection, what will regulate who gets to have the right of way? It may sound like a silly subject, but it speaks directly to the issue of whether God governs His creation through artificial, external laws like we attempt to do here on earth or whether there is a much more efficient system of practical conflict avoidance. I believe the answer lies in the extent of our willingness to attune our hearts to God and to learn to respond instantly to the promptings of the Spirit in our minds. Ultimately only those who are willing to humble themselves enough to listen continuously to the 'traffic controller' from that heavenly Director will be safe to live in perfect harmony with everyone else in the kingdom of heaven.

God values nothing more than our complete freedom and the love that can only exist in this rarified atmosphere. Imposing external controls to manipulate and threaten people destroys this delicate atmosphere and ruins the beauty of perfect love. This is why it is so vital for each one desiring to live in the perfect kingdom of God to learn now how to tune in more acutely to the ever-present Communicator from heaven who's job is to coordinate all of God's creation to function in perfect harmony with itself and with God's nature. I believe this communication extends even down to such mundane activities as collision avoidance and other events in our lives that we so often tend to think of as coincidences.

From this perspective the following familiar passage suddenly takes on more significance.

In the same way the Spirit also helps our weakness; for we do not know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words; and He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is, because He intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:26-28)


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