Filling In the Gaps About Judgment

Its starting to make a little more sense to me now, how that Jesus could be assigned as the judge and yet was not sent to judge anyone. That fits with what I have learning about real judgment.

You who judge, do you not do the same thing yourselves? (Romans 2)

If Jesus had come to judge us this principle would have applied to Him as well. In judging us He would have become just like us in participating in our sins.

But by speaking the truth in real love, Jesus became an opportunity for us to reveal the choices of our hearts in response to His words of truth and love as well as the way in which we treated Him. I learned recently that judgment happens in the way in which we treat the vulnerable. So Jesus came without resisting evil men, as a vulnerable man to expose the secrets of the hearts of many. (Luke 2:35) Thus He became the catalyst for judgment to take place while at the same time not passing judgment on anyone. By speaking truth He created the circumstances for judgment to take place but did not impose His opinion or decisions about anyone against their will.


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